Walk With Pride Again: Morton’s Neuroma Treatment


From the moment everyone learns to walk, the human feet have been carrying around different weights and have been subjected to wear and tear. They by far serve a person, more so than other appendages, on a daily basis. This fact should be considered in the way people should take care of their feet.

Among the many effects of the mistreatment of the feet include what is commonly known as Morton’s Neuroma. This happens when the nerve that is responsible for sending feeling to the area between human toes thickens. This may be considered a growth, neither malignant nor cancerous but certainly, puts a person in a lot of pain.

Also known as Morton’s neuralgia, this condition is caused by one among many others, continuous use of improper footwear. Basically, what happens is when the plantar digital nerve gets squeezed against the nearby ligament, it results to an irritation that gradually leads to thickening or fibrosis. Unfortunately, since nerves are responsible for sending messages of sensation and feeling to the brain, this can be very painful to the point that walking or even just standing becomes unbearable.

Just thinking about the condition is so unpleasant and luckily, there is a known range of treatment for this condition. After initial signs of symptoms and the identification of the condition, treatment plans are discussed. In determining Morton’s neuroma treatment, the medical history of each individual is of crucial importance. For one, different causes of the condition are a primary consideration. Sports, strenuous activities involving running or occupations that bank on footwork like dancing or any that require standing for long periods of time are just some of the possible causes of the fibrosis.

Aside from the possible cause, any other diagnoses related to the condition are very valuable information in designing a treatment plan. Accordingly, if other treatments of measures have already been taken to relieve the symptoms or deal with the condition taken prior is also necessary. All this history and the patients’ preferences help customize the best treatment regimen to battle the predicaments.

Possible treatments include procedures as simple as getting more appropriately fitted shoes and ice packs, medications to deal with the pain while resting the foot and to an extent, in some severe cases, surgery. Like what was mentioned, medical history and preferences are to be considered and while there are prescriptive ones, there are places that specialize in treatments that avoid surgery altogether. Centers like The Center for Morton’s Neuroma capitalize on individually tailored, non-surgical treatments for the condition. This center and others like it help not only in Morton’s neuroma treatment but also with the prevention of the risks of surgery.

Amidst the challenging lifestyle at present, whether a person is an athlete or a corporate employee or executive, an artist or a student, an active lifestyle comes with effects to the human body. As the popular saying goes, prevention is still better than cure so proper care and choice of footwear help preserve the integrity of the ever dependable feet.